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  1. Research

    A new species of Notogynaphallia (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae) extends the known distribution of land planarians in Chacoan province (Chacoan subregion), South America

    The subfamily Geoplaninae (Geoplanidae) includes land planarian species of the Neotropical Region. In Argentina, the knowledge about land planarian diversity is still incipient, although this has recently incr...

    Lisandro Negrete, Ana Maria Leal-Zanchet and Francisco Brusa

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:58

    Published on: 25 August 2015

  2. Research

    Mesozooplankton biomass and copepod estimated production in a temperate estuary (Mondego estuary): effects of processes operating at different timescales

    A fundamental step in characterizing marine planktonic communities is the knowledge of the variability of their biomass and production, in order to assess the flux of matter through the food web and estimate t...

    Dina Amanda Gonçalves, Sónia Cotrim Marques, Ana Lígia Primo, Filipe Martinho, Maria Donas-Bôtto Bordalo and Miguel Ângelo Pardal

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:57

    Published on: 11 August 2015

  3. Research

    Morphometric variation of the endangered Caspian lamprey, Caspiomyzon wagneri (Pisces: Petromyzontidae), from migrating stocks of two rivers along the southern Caspian Sea

    Morphological studies on fishes are important from various viewpoints. Studies carried out on the Caspian Sea fishes show that many species possess speciation and population formation microprocess running. Mor...

    Saber Vatandoust, Hamed Mousavi-Sabet, Majid Razeghi-Mansour, Hosein AnvariFar and Adeleh Heidari

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:56

    Published on: 7 August 2015

  4. Research

    Biological mosquito control is affected by alternative prey

    Mosquitofish were introduced to several countries of the tropics and subtropics as biological agents for the control of mosquito larvae. Meanwhile, they became a threat to native communities and fish worldwide...

    Ram Kumar, Priyanesh Muhid, Hans-Uwe Dahms, Jaigopal Sharma and Jiang-Shiou Hwang

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:55

    Published on: 30 July 2015

  5. Research

    Morphological variability of the cranium of Lontra longicaudis (Carnivora: Mustelidae): a morphometric and geographic analysis

    Studies of morphometric variation make it possible to delimit species and geographic intraspecific variation, mainly in species with wide distribution ranges. In the Neotropical otter, Lontra longicaudis, variati...

    Pablo César Hernández-Romero, José Antonio Guerrero and Carolina Valdespino

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:50

    Published on: 26 June 2015

  6. Research

    A new species of fish-eating rat, genus Neusticomys (Sigmodontinae), from Ecuador

    In this study, the genetic substructure and morphology of the species Neusticomys monticolus was evaluated. A nuclear marker and mitochondrial maker were used to examine phylogeographic structure and to estimate ...

    J Delton Hanson, Guillermo D’Elía, Sheri B Ayers, Stephen B Cox, Santiago F Burneo and Thomas E Lee Jr

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:49

    Published on: 19 June 2015

  7. Research

    Alona kaingang (Crustacea, Cladocera, Aloninae): a new species of the pulchella-group, with identification key to Neotropical species

    The subfamily Aloninae has been the focus of extensive studies on the Chydoridae because it has a higher diversity of species and due to the necessity of a detailed redescription of many taxa, especially using...

    Francisco Diogo Rocha Sousa, Lourdes Maria Abdu Elmoor-Loureiro and Sandro Santos

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:48

    Published on: 19 June 2015

  8. Research

    The research on the formation mechanism of extraordinary oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle in hibernating ground squirrels (Spermophilus dauricus)

    Previous studies indicate that hibernating animals, under conditions of torpor for long periods, show an increased oxidative muscle fibers (type I) ratio and a decreased glycolytic muscle fibers (type II) rati...

    Shanfeng Jiang, Yunfang Gao, Yangmei Zhang, Kun Liu, Huiping Wang and Nandu Goswami

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:46

    Published on: 15 June 2015

  9. Research

    Sexual dimorphism in echolocation pulse parameters of the CF-FM bat, Hipposideros pratti

    Previous studies of sexual dimorphism in the echolocation pulses of the constant frequency-frequency modulating (CF-FM) bat have been mainly concentrated on the difference in the frequency of the CF component ...

    Zi-Ying Fu, Xing-Yue Dai, Na Xu, Qing Shi, Gao-Jing Li, Bin Li, Juan Li, Jie Li, Jia Tang, Philip Hung-Sun Jen and Qi-Cai Chen

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:44

    Published on: 24 May 2015

  10. Research

    Cymothoa frontalis, a cymothoid isopod parasitizing the belonid fish Strongylura strongylura from the Malabar Coast (Kerala, India): redescription, description, prevalence and life cycle

    Cymothoa frontalis Milne Edward, 1840 is a very poorly described cymothoid, notwithstanding the previous redescription of the female. Pertinently, to date, the host of C. frontalis has not been...

    Aneesh Panakkool Thamban, Sudha Kappalli, Helna Ameri Kottarathil, Anilkumar Gopinathan and Trilles Jean Paul

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:42

    Published on: 20 May 2015

  11. Research

    Differentiation of visual spectra and nuptial colorations of two Paratanakia himantegus subspecies (Cyprinoidea: Acheilognathidae) in response to the distinct photic conditions of their habitats

    Vision, an important sensory modality of many animals, exhibits plasticity in that it adapts to environmental conditions to maintain its sensory efficiency. Nuptial coloration is used to attract mates and henc...

    Chia-Hao Chang, Yi Ta Shao, Wen-Chung Fu, Kazuhiko Anraku, Yeong-Shin Lin and Hong Young Yan

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:43

    Published on: 20 May 2015

  12. Research

    Recolonizing wolves influence the realized niche of resident cougars

    Niche differentiation may betray current, ongoing competition between two sympatric species or reflect evolutionary responses to historic competition that drove species apart. The best opportunity to test whet...

    L Mark Elbroch, Patrick E Lendrum, Jesse Newby, Howard Quigley and Daniel J Thompson

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:41

    Published on: 14 May 2015

  13. Research

    Modification of Tetragnatha montana (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) web architecture induced by larva of the parasitoid Acrodactyla quadrisculpta (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Polysphincta genus-group)

    The polysphinctine wasp, Acrodactyla quadrisculpta, is a koinobiont ecto-parasitoid of spiders and is narrowly associated with the biology of its spider hosts. The larva, attached to the dorsal side of the abdome...

    Stanislav Korenko, Barbora Korenková, Jitka Satrapová, Katerina Hamouzová and Dick Belgers

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:40

    Published on: 14 May 2015

  14. Research

    Abundance and diversity of amphipods (Crustacea: Peracarida) on shallow algae and seagrass in lagoonal ecosystem of the Mediterranean Tunisian coast

    Bizerte lagoon is a semi-enclosed marine ecosystem, where various types of human activities have been developed. To investigate the distribution and temporal variation of amphipod assemblage, monthly sampling ...

    Wahiba Zaabar, Rym Zakhama-Sraieb, Faouzia Charfi-Cheikhrouha and Mohamed Sghaïer Achouri

    Zoological Studies 2015 54:38

    Published on: 28 April 2015

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