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Table 2 Daily secondary production values encountered in different coastal regions for zooplankton

From: Mesozooplankton biomass and copepod estimated production in a temperate estuary (Mondego estuary): effects of processes operating at different timescales

Location Production (mg C m−3 d−1) Empirical model or method Reference
Kattegat, Denmark 1.2 Weight-specific egg production rates Kiørboe and Nielsen 1994
Westerschelde, Netherlands 1.9 Growth rates (temperature-dependent growth model) Escaravage and Soetaert 1995
Inland Sea of Japan 6.9 Length-weight relationships, instantaneous growth rates Uye and Liang 1998
Ria de Aveiro, Portugal 3.7 Huntley and Lopez (1992) Leandro et al. 2007
2.9 Hirst and Bunker (2003)  
Mondego estuary, Portugal 0.13 Huntley and Lopez (1992) Present study