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Fig. 2

From: Morphometric variation of the endangered Caspian lamprey, Caspiomyzon wagneri (Pisces: Petromyzontidae), from migrating stocks of two rivers along the southern Caspian Sea

Fig. 2

Morphometric characters measured on Caspian lamprey samples. Landmarks selected based on the studies of Holcik et al. (1986) and Renaud (2011). LC total length, LD predorsal length, LF predorsal distance, LS second postdorsal length, LG second postdorsal distance, LN head length, LO prenasal length, SC second predorsal fin, MP interbranchial opening distance, ZM postocular length, QA postdisc length, NC postbranchial length, FS interdorsal, LA preanal distance, VC tail length, MN branchial length, LM prebranchial distance, MC postbranchial distance, LE snout length, EM postorbital distance, LQ disc length, AV urogenital papilla length, DF first dorsal fin length, SG second dorsal fin length, R↓ first dorsal fin height, Y↓ second dorsal fin height, D↓ body width, O↓ head depth, EZ eye diameter, EE′ interorbital distance

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