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Table 2 Experimental protocols used for tests of L. rohita larval consumption and prey selection by mosquitofish

From: Biological mosquito control is affected by alternative prey

Experiment Test no. Prey species Combined prey density
1. Larval consumption rate
  1 C. catla 60
   L. rohita 60
2. Prey selectivity: selectivity within a taxonomic group
Fish larvae—fish larvae choice 2 C. catla—L. rohita 60
L. rohita larvae—rotifers choice 3 H. mira—L. rohita 60
   A. intermedia—L. rohita 60
L. rohita larvae—cladocerans choice 4 C. cornuta—L. rohita 60
   D. similoides—L. rohita 60
L. rohita larvae—insect larvae 5 A. stephensi larvae instar-I—L. rohita 60
   A. stephensi larvae instar-IV—L. rohita 60
   Chironomus larvae—L. rohita 60
3. Multispecies choice 6   600