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Table 2 Behaviour table of host-parasitoid interactions in laboratory

From: Modification of Tetragnatha montana (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) web architecture induced by larva of the parasitoid Acrodactyla quadrisculpta (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Polysphincta genus-group)

Day Time Observed behaviour Video
1st (30 December 2012) 21:00 Changes in spider behaviour; the spider was very active, webbing in several places of the experimental arena. -
2nd 3:00 One thread was chosen by the spider. The thread was reinforced 58 times during the next 2 h. The spider rested, suspended on the thread or at the place where the thread was attached to the arena frame during the spinning of each silk layer. s 01
5:15 The spider took a position in the middle of the main thread of the cocoon web and died. The larva attached itself to the main thread by its dorsal tubercles. The larva began to consume the spider. s 02
10:40 The spider was completely consumed. The spider carcass was dropped onto the ground. The larva rested, suspended on the main thread of the cocoon web. s 03
  12:00 The larva started to build a cocoon for pupation. s 04
  20:00 The outer layer of the cocoon was finished, and the larva closed itself inside the cocoon. The larva spans the inner layers of the cocoon wall. s 05
3rd 20:00 The larva finished the cocoon. After which, the larva exhibited low activity. s 06
4th 8:00 The cocoon was completely finished, and the larva displayed no further activity. s 06
15th 6:00 The adult wasp emerged from the cocoon. s 07