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Table 3 Parasitological index of the parasitic cymothoid Cymothoa frontalis , along the Malabar Coast, India

From: Cymothoa frontalis, a cymothoid isopod parasitizing the belonid fish Strongylura strongylura from the Malabar Coast (Kerala, India): redescription, description, prevalence and life cycle

Parasite and host fish NFE NFI P TNP ( I )
Cymothoa frontalis Milne Edward,1840 134 92 68.65 67 14 68 22
Strongylura strongylura (Belonidae) 171 (1.9)
  1. P, prevalence; NFE, number of fishes examined; NFI, number of fishes infested; TNP, total number of collected parasites; I intensity of infestation; F, female of C. frontalis; T, transitional of C. frontalis; M, male of C. frontalis; J, juvenile stage of C. frontalis.