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Figure 9

From: The poorly known genus Ventrifurca Roewer, 1913 revisited (Opiliones: Cranaidae)

Figure 9

Ventrifurca caffeinica sp. nov. male and female. Male holotype (MNRJ 8351): (A) Right Pp, ectal view. (B) Right Pp, mesodorsal view. (C) Right Tr and Fe of Pp, dorsal view. (D) Right Ta IV, prolateral view. (E) Pa-Ti IV, dorsal view. (F) Tr- basal Fe III, ventral view. (G) Tr-Fe IV, dorsal view. (H) Same, ventral view. Female paratype (MNRJ 19387): (I) Right Pp, ectal view. (J) Left Pp, mesodorsal view. Scale bars = 1 mm.

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