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Table 1 Number of individual dolphins in categories based on relative spotting on dorsal fin versus body

From: Diagnosability and description of a new subspecies of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensis (Osbeck, 1765), from the Taiwan Strait

  Dorsal fin spotting Total
≥ body < body
Eastern Taiwan Strait 43 2 45
Jiulong River Estuary + Pearl River Estuary 3 172 175
  1. The dolphins in this table are individuals with obvious spotting on their bodies (score = 2, 3 or 4 in Wang et al. (2008a)). The dorsal fin spotting categories are as follows: spotting intensity on the dorsal fin is greater than or equal to that on the body, and spotting intensity on the dorsal fin is obviously less than that on the body. The observed frequencies were significantly different for the dolphins of the two regions (p << 0.0001, Fisher’s exact test).