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Table 1 Individual information of postmortem finless porpoises used in the present study

From: Topographical distribution of blubber in finless porpoises (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis sunameri): a result from adapting to living in coastal waters

Animal Total body length (cm) Life history category Sex
PL51221 77.2 Neonate F
PL51622 77.2 Neonate F
PL51925 79.8 Neonate F
PL51722 85.4 Neonate F
PL50811 72.2 Neonate M
PL51913 82.1 Neonate M
PL51911 82.3 Neonate M
PL51211 83.8 Neonate M
PL51621 107.6 Juvenile F
PL51724 111.6 Juvenile F
PL50821 114.1 Juvenile F
PL50621 114.5 Juvenile F
PL51721 116.1 Juvenile F
PL51522 117.5 Juvenile F
PL51021 119.5 Juvenile F
PL51923 120.1 Juvenile F
PL51723 122.6 Juvenile F
PL51521 123.8 Juvenile F
PL52212 104.4 Juvenile M
PL51011 111.2 Juvenile M
PL51711 112.9 Juvenile M
PL52211 119.8 Juvenile M
PL52011 120.2 Juvenile M
PL50812 126.8 Juvenile M
PL50911 128.2 Juvenile M
PL51511 140.3 Adult M
PL51311 140.4 Adult M
PL50711 183.2 Adult M
PL51922 140.4 Adult F
PL51421 147.3 Adult F
PL51321 160.9 Lactating F
PL51921 172.7 Lactating F
PL52021 175.1 Lactating F
PL51924 186.7 Lactating F