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Table 1 D-loop and cytochrome C oxidase subunit I (COI) genes accessed from GenBank

From: Taxonomic implications of geographical variation in Rhinolophus affinis (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) in mainland Southeast Asia

Locality GenBank accession number
  GQ265988, GQ265998, GQ265994-GQ265995, GQ266002-GQ266003
Hunan, China JF444035
  HM541382-HM541384, HM541347-HM541351, JF444036- JF444037
Myanmar HM541326
Xiangkhoang, Lao HM541341
Vientiane, Lao HM541366-HM541367
  HM541364, HM541403-HM541406, HM541398-HM541400
Lao Cai, Vietnam HQ580330-HQ580331
  HM541401-HM541402, HM541395
HM541396-HM541397, JF444039-JF444043, GU684791-GU684794, GU684798, GU694801
Pahang, Malaysia HM541330
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia HM541331-HM541332
Johor, Malaysia HM541407-HM541414