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Figure 5

From: Taxonomic implications of geographical variation in Rhinolophus affinis (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) in mainland Southeast Asia

Figure 5

Patterns of echolocation call frequencies of Rhinolophus affinis within mainland Southeast Asia. Black circles correspond to the collection locality map in FigureĀ 1 whereas gray circles are approximate localities from literature, KP = Kamphaeng Phet, JX = Jiangxi, GD = Guangdong, GX = Guangxi, QN = Quang Nam, SH = Shan, and YN = Yunnan. Color shades are FMAXE zones and a vertical dashed-line demarks a locality where zones B and C frequencies were found overlapped. Values in parentheses are peak frequency (FMAXE) in kHz which are bold figures based on literature.

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