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Table 2 Summary of nature and location of sensory spots and spines

From: Zelinkaderes yong sp. nov. from Korea - the first recording of Zelinkaderes (Kinorhyncha: Cyclorhagida) in Asia

Position segment MD PD SD ML SL LA LV VL
2 ss    ss    cu, ac  
4 ac ss    ss    
5         cu
6 ac ss   ss     
7     ss     
8 ac ss     cu ac  
9 ac ss    ss   cu  
10 ac (f),cr (m) ? ss ac (f),cr (m)    ss  
11 ac, mts      ltas lts ss
  1. Abbreviations: LA lateral accessory, LV lateroventral, MD middorsal, ML midlateral, PD paradorsal, SD subdorsal, SL sublateral, VL ventrolateral, ac acicular spine, cu cuspidate spine, cr crenulated spine, (f) female condition of sexual dimorphic character, ltas lateral terminal accessory spine, lts lateral terminal spine, (m) male condition of sexual dimorphic character, mts midterminal spine, ss sensory spot, ? sensory spot expected but not observed.