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Figure 7

From: Zelinkaderes yong sp. nov. from Korea - the first recording of Zelinkaderes (Kinorhyncha: Cyclorhagida) in Asia

Figure 7

Light micrographs with details of Zelinkaderes yong sp. nov., holotypic male (KIN-000818). A. Dorsal view of segments 4 and 5 with weakly developed pectinate fringe and middorsal spine flanked by paradorsal sensory spots (dashed circles) on segment 4 as well as hairless patches on segments 4 and 5 (asterisk). B. Dorsal view of segment 6 with middorsal spine, hairless patches (asterisk), and paradorsal sensory spot (dashed circle). C. Dorsal view of segment 8 with middorsal spine flanked by paradorsal sensory spots (dashed circles). D. Ventral view of segment 8 with acicular and cuspidate spines. E. Dorsal view of segments 9 and 10 with middorsal spine of segment 9. Presence of paradorsal sensory spots (dashed circles) is only evident on segment 9. The hairless patches on segment 9 are out of focus and not indicated. F. Dorsal view of segments 10 and 11 with middorsal spine and lateral acicular spines on segment 10 and middorsal spine and base of the midterminal spine on segment 11. G. Posterior part of the specimen showing the long midterminal spine (mt) that can reach the same length as the trunk of the animal. Abbreviations: aclv acicular lateroventral spine, crmd10 crenulated middorsal spine on segment 10, crml crenulated midlateral spine, cula cuspidate lateral accessory spine, md4-9 + 11 acicular middorsal spines on segments 4 to 9 and 11, mts midterminal spine. Hairless patches are marked with asterisk ‘*’.

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