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Table 5 Parentage assignment by ten microsatellite loci

From: Establishment of a microsatellite set for noninvasive paternity testing in free-ranging Macaca mulatta tcheliensis in Mount Taihangshan area, Jiyuan, China

Offspring Candidate mother/father Pair loci number Pair loci mismatching Pair LOD score Pair Delta Pair confidence
CX CHF 10 0 3.37E+00 3.37E+00 a
JS JLF 9 0 2.38E+00 2.38E+00 a
GX GBF 10 0 4.13E+00 4.13E+00 a
ZY HLF 10 1 3.11E+00 3.11E+00 a
XXC XBDF 9 0 4.37E+00 4.37E+00 a
CL CMF 10 0 5.01E+00 5.01E+00 a
LM HTF 10 1 3.56E+00 3.56E+00 a
TT BDF 10 0 2.54E+00 2.54E+00 a
CX SQM 10 0 3.72E+00 3.72E+00 a
JS ZMM 8 4 −1.31E+01 0.00E+00  
GX XBLM 10 0 3.53E+00 3.53E+00 a
ZY SQM 9 0 2.34E+00 2.34E+00 a
XXC PZM 9 0 2.96E−01 2.96E−01 b
CL XBLM 10 0 9.66E+00 9.66E+00 a
LM HBM 10 0 5.53E+00 5.53E+00 a
TT XBLM 10 0 1.77E+00 1.77E+00 a
BB HBM 9 0 3.73E+00 3.73E+00 a
  1. Note: aFor strict confidence level. bFor relaxed confidence level. If the candidate parent is not the most likely, this column will be blank. Pair LOD score: log-likelihood ratio for a parent-offspring relationship between the first candidate parent and the offspring. The superscripts on the adults represent the sex of individuals, F, female; M, male.