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Figure 2

From: Variation in the ilium of central European water frogs Pelophylax (Amphibia, Ranidae) and its implications for species-level identification of fragmentary anuran fossils

Figure 2

Projection, differences in iliac morphology and sexual dimorphism. Projection and boxplot of all characters (A), (B) and according to their population structure (C) and sexual dimorphism (D), (E), (F). Numbers in abscissa correspond to character's number. Abbreviations: E, P. kl. esculentus; L, P. lessonae; R, P. ridibundus; LE, P. kl. esculentus within the lessonae-esculentus system; RE, P. kl. esculentus within the ridibundus-esculentus system; M, male; F, female. Measurements (right of the dotted line) and angle (on the left) are respectively in millimetres and in sexigesimal degree.

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