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Table 1 List of species used in the analysis, including the sample locality, number of specimens analysed ( N ) and GenBank accession numbers

From: DNA barcoding supports identification of Malacobdella species (Nemertea: Hoplonemertea)

Species Specimen ID Locations Position N GenBank acc. number References or voucher numbers a
Malacobdella arrokeana Ma1 San Matías Gulf, Argentina 40°50′S/65°04′W 23 JX220596 CNP-INV 1879
Ma2     JX220597 CNP-INV 1880
Ma4     JX220599 CNP-INV 1881
Ma5     JX220600 CNP-INV 1882
Ma6     JX220601 CNP-INV 1883
Ma7     JX220602 CNP-INV 1884
Ma8     JX220603 CNP-INV 1885
Ma9     JX220604 CNP-INV 1886
Ma10     JX220605 CNP-INV 1887
Ma11     JX220606 CNP-INV 1888
Ma13     JX220607 CNP-INV 1889
Ma14     JX220608 CNP-INV 1890
Ma15     JX220609 CNP-INV 1891
Ma16     JX220610 CNP-INV 1892
Ma17     JX220611 CNP-INV 1893
Ma18     JX220612 CNP-INV 1894
Ma19     JX220613 CNP-INV 1895
Ma20     JX220614 CNP-INV 1896
Ma21     JX220615 CNP-INV 1897
Ma22     JX220616 CNP-INV 1898
Ma23     JX220617 CNP-INV 1899
Ma24     JX220618 CNP-INV 1900
Ma27     JX220620 CNP-INV 1901
MaA1 Nuevo Gulf, Argentina 42°55′S/64°30′W 7 JX220621 CNP-INV 1902
MaA2     JX220622 CNP-INV 1903
MaA3     JX220623 CNP-INV 1904
MaA4     JX220624 CNP-INV 1905
MaA6     JX220625 CNP-INV 1906
MaB1     JX220626 CNP-INV 1907
MaB2     JX220627 CNP-INV 1908
GSJ5A San José Gulf, Argentina 42°20′S/64°10′W 8 JX220629 CNP-INV 1909
GSJ5B     JX220630 CNP-INV 1910
GSJJ5     JX220638 CNP-INV 1911
GSJJ6     JX220639 CNP-INV 1912
GSJJ7     JX220640 CNP-INV 1913
GSJJ8     JX220641 CNP-INV 1914
GSJJ9     JX220642 CNP-INV 1915
GSJJ10     JX220643 CNP-INV 1916
M. japonica Mja1 Hokkaido, Japan 43°3′N/144°51′E 13 KF597252 MNCN-5.02/3
Mja2     KF597253 MNCN-5.02/4
Mja4     KF597254 MNCN-5.02/5
Mja5     KF597255 MNCN-5.02/6
Mja6     KF597256 MNCN-5.02/7
Mja7     KF597257 MNCN-5.02/8
Mja8     KF597258 MNCN-5.02/9
Mja10     KF597259 MNCN-5.02/10
Mja11     KF597260 MNCN-5.02/11
Mja12     KF597261 MNCN-5.02/12
Mja13     KF597262 MNCN-5.02/13
Mja14     KF597263 MNCN-5.02/14
Mja15     KF597264 MNCN-5.02/15
M. grossa Mgrossa197 Tjärnö, Sweden 58°53′N/011°5′E 12 KF597241 MNCN-5.02/16
Mgrossa198     KF597242 MNCN-5.02/17
Mgrossa201     KF597243 MNCN-5.02/18
Mgrossa202     KF597244 MNCN-5.02/19
Mgrossa203     KF597245 MNCN-5.02/20
Mgrossa204     KF597246 MNCN-5.02/21
Mgrossa205     KF597247 MNCN-5.02/22
Mgrossa206     KF597248 MNCN-5.02/23
Mgrossa207     KF597249 MNCN-5.02/24
Mgrossa208     KF597250 MNCN-5.02/25
Mgrossa209     KF597251 MNCN-5.02/26
Mgrossa GB 1     HQ848591 Andrade et al. (2012)
Mgrossa GB 2 White Sea, Russia   1 AJ436905 Thollesson and Norenburg (2003)
Ramphogordius sanguineus R.s1 Maine, USA   1 HQ848580 Andrade et al. (2012)
R.s2 Anglesey, UK   1 AJ436938 Thollesson and Norenburg (2003)
Li2 Nuevo Gulf, Argentina   4 KM387723 CNP-INV 1917
Li3     KM387724 CNP-INV 1918
Li4     KM387725 CNP-INV 1919
Li5     KM387726 CNP-INV 1920
Amphiporus lactifloreus A.l Anglesey, UK 53°17′N/04°03′W 1 HQ848611 Andrade et al. (2012)
Paradrepanophorus crassus P.c Galicia, Spain   1 HQ848603  
Geonemertes pelaensis G.p1 St. Davis, Bermuda   2 HQ848592  
  G.p2 Bermuda    EU255602 Mateos and Giribet (2008)
  1. aVoucher numbers are given only for Malacobdella arrokeana specimens from the previous work of Alfaya et al. (2013), and for M. grossa and M. japonica newly sequenced here. MNCN, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Madrid, Spain); CNP-INV, Invertebrate Collection of the Centro Nacional Patagónico (Argentina).