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Figure 1

From: DNA barcoding supports identification of Malacobdella species (Nemertea: Hoplonemertea)

Figure 1

Specimens of the different Malacobdella species here analysed. Malacobdella arrokeana: (A) unrelaxed mature female, (B) relaxed male, (C) original illustration (Ivanov et al. 2002) and (D) immature specimen (scale bars: A, B: 10 mm; C: 3.5 mm, D: 1 mm). Malacobdella japonica: (E) relaxed mature female and (F) original illustration (Yamaoka 1940) (scale bars: E: 10 mm; F: 1 mm). Malacobdella grossa: (G) unrelaxed mature female, (H) immature specimen and (I) original illustration (Riepen 1933) (scale bars: A: 10 mm, B: 4 mm; C: 1 mm). Abbreviations: ts, terminal sucker; u, gut undulations; o, ovaries; t, testes.

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