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Figure 3

From: The effects of mite parasitism on the reproduction and survival of the Taiwan field mice (Apodemus semotus)

Figure 3

Probability of reproduction in Apodemus semotus as a function of mite abundance. All seasons (spring: April to June, summer: July to October, winter: December to February) are pooled. The males and females are estimated separately as well as combined. The reproduction is the probability of being reproductively capable in males (i.e., descended testicles) or mating/breeding in females (i.e., perforated vagina, pregnancy, lactation). The mite abundance is categorized into three levels (0 to 9 mites, 10 to 19 mites, and 20 mites or more) in order to reach model convergence. The error bars denote 1 SE. Different letters denote significant differences in the probability of reproduction.

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