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Figure 2

From: The effects of mite parasitism on the reproduction and survival of the Taiwan field mice (Apodemus semotus)

Figure 2

Infection and abundance of Trombiculid mites in Apodemus semotus . The least-square means of (a) infection probability and (b) abundance level are estimated for males (unfilled bars) and females (filled bars) separately for each season (spring: April to June, summer: July to October, winter: December to February). The mite abundance is quantified at four levels (0 = zero mites, 1 = 1 to 9 mites, 2 = 10 to 19 mites, and 3 = 20 mites or more). The error bars denote 1 SE. A significant difference in mite parasitism between seasons in pair-wise comparisons (both sexes combined) is indicated with the Tukey-Kramer adjusted P value and a horizontal line connecting the two seasons.

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