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Figure 1

From: The effects of mite parasitism on the reproduction and survival of the Taiwan field mice (Apodemus semotus)

Figure 1

Seasonal pattern in Apodemus semotus abundance and reproduction. (a) The abundance of A. semotus is represented by the numbers of unique male (unfilled bars) and female (filled bars) A. semotus captured in each trapping session, which are standardized (number of mice per 100 trap × night). The text above each bar denotes the total number of mice captured per 100 trap × night, males and females combined. (b) The circles denote the percentages of males (unfilled circles) and females (filled circles) with signs of reproduction in each trapping session. Signs of reproduction are: descended testicles in males, pregnancy, lactation, and perforated vagina in females. Parasite investigation began in December 2010, which is divided into the 2010 to 2011 survey (December 2010 through August 2011) and the 2012 survey (June through September 2012).

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