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Figure 2

From: The diaptomid fauna of Israel (Copepoda, Calanoida, Diaptomidae), with notes on the systematics of Arctodiaptomus similis (Baird, 1859) and Arctodiaptomus irregularis Dimentman & Por, 1985 stat. rev

Figure 2

Arctodiaptomus similis (Baird,[1859]) and Arctodiaptomus irregularis Dimentman & Por,[1985]. Anatomical features of A. irregularis collected in Bab El Hawa (ISR03) on 9 March 2010 (A- D) and A. similis collected in Birket Mamilla pool (ISR16) on 4 March 2011 (E- H). A and E: male fifth pair of the legs (posterior view). B and F: antepenultimate article of the male right antennula. C and G: detail of the chaetotaxy on the articles 13 to 17 of the male left antennula. D and H: articles 12 to 15 of the male right antennula. Scale bar 100 μm.

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