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Table 4 Description of the 11 traits (35 states) for all caddisfly species considered in this study

From: Biological traits and community patterns of Trichoptera at two Patagonian headwater streams affected by volcanic ash deposition

Trait Trait state (modality) Code
Life history   
Life cycle Short (<10 months) LC1
  Long (>10 months) LC2
Synchronicity Poorly synchronized Sy1
  Well synchronized Sy2
Attachment None (free ranging) At1
  Some (sedentary sessile) At2
Armoring None (soft body forms) Ar1
  Poor (heavily sclerotized) Ar2
  Good (mineral cased larvae) Ar3
Shape Streamlined (fusiform) Sh1
  Not streamlined (round, or bluff) Sh2
Size Small (<9 mm) Si1
  Medium (9-16 mm) Si2
  Large (>16 mm) Si3
Respiration Tegument Re1
  Gills Re2
Rheophily Depositional only Rh1
  Depositional and erosional Rh2
  Erosional only Rh3
Habitat preference Boulder/cobble/pebble HP1
  Gravel HP2
  Sand HP3
  Macrophytes HP4
  Organic detritus litter HP5
Food Detritus (<1 mm) Fo1
  Plant detritus (>1 mm) Fo2
  Living macrophytes Fo3
  Living microphytes Fo4
  Living macroinvertebrates Fo5
Feeding habits Deposit feeder FH1
  Shredder FH2
  Scraper FH3
  Filter-feeder FH4
  Piercer FH5
  Predator FH6
  1. The letter in each code refers to the trait and the number assigned to the trait state.