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Figure 2

From: Rice fields as facilitators of freshwater invasions in protected wetlands: the case of Ostracoda (Crustacea) in the Albufera Natural Park (E Spain)

Figure 2

SEM and stereomicroscope pictures of ostracod species found in Zacarés. (A-F): Hemicypris barbadensis Broodbakker [1983]. (A) External view of the right valve (RV), (B) carapace in anterior view, (C) carapace in posterior view, (D) carapace in dorsal view, (E) detail of the antero-dorsal view and (F) detail of the postero-dorsal view. (G-H) Candonocypris novaezelandiae (Baird, 1843). (G) Inner view of the RV and (H) detail inner list of the left valve (LV). (I) Stenocypris macedonica Petkovski and Meisch [1996], external view of the RV. (J) Trajancypris clavata (Baird 1838), inner view of the RV. (K) Ilyocypris gibba (Ramdohr, 1808), external view of the RV. (L) Heterocypris salina (Brady, 1868), external view of the LV.

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