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Table 2 The 20 major food categories of the stomach content analyses and their abbreviations

From: Tidal variation in fish assemblages and trophic structures in tropical Indo-Pacific seagrass beds

Classification Subdivision Abbreviation
Chordata Fish Fi
  Fish larvae Lv
  Tunicates Tu
Echinodermata Echinoids Ec
Arthropoda Decapods De
  Cumaceids Cu
  Tanaids Ta
  Copepods Co
  Gammaridean amphipods Am
  Ostracods Os
  Isopods Is
  Mysids My
  Insects (mostly dipterids) In
Annelida Polychaetes Po
Mollusca Gastropods Ga
  Bivalves Bi
Plantae Filamentous algae Fa
  Fleshy Macroalgae Ma
  Seagrass Sg
Detritus Detritus Dt
  1. Of the fish collected in the seagrass beds at the Dongsha Island.