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Figure 4

From: Tidal variation in fish assemblages and trophic structures in tropical Indo-Pacific seagrass beds

Figure 4

Heatmap of the habitat usage patterns (type I to V) for different fish species. Collected in the seagrass beds at the Dongsha Island. Darker shades indicate greater fish density. The abbreviations for the different stations are L for lagoon shore, W for west tidal flat, and N for north coast subtidal. The abbreviations for tides are F for flood and E for ebb tides. Species denoted by * demonstrated ontogenetic dietary changes. In general, fish could be sorted into two major groups: (A) those found at higher densities in the subtidal areas and (B) those documented at higher densities in the intertidal regions. The abbreviations for the six fish feeding groups can be found in TableĀ 3.

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