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Figure 2

From: Tidal variation in fish assemblages and trophic structures in tropical Indo-Pacific seagrass beds

Figure 2

Characteristics of the fish assemblages at the three stations of the Dongsha Island. Values are mean (±standard error) in fish (A) species richness and (B) density of different feeding groups. Black circles (mean ± standard error) represent the (A) total species richness and (B) total density at each sample station: lagoon shore (L), west tidal flat (W), and north coast subtidal (N) for each of the two tidal periods, flood (F) and ebb (E) tide. * and ** represent significant differences (p < 0.05 and p < 0.005, respectively) between the two tidal periods. (C) The multidimensional scaling (MDS) ordination showing different fish assemblages between three stations and two tidal periods. The solid and dashed line circles represent 20% and 40% level similarity, respectively.

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