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Figure 8

From: DNA barcoding of Palaearctic Ulidiidae (Diptera: Tephritoidea): morphology, DNA evolution, and Markov codon models

Figure 8

Surstyles in male genitalia of Ulidiidae species. Otitinae: (A) Ceroxys cinifera, (B) Ceroxys hortulana, (C) Ceroxys munda, (D) Ceroxys urticae, (E) Herina frondescentiae, (F) Herina lugubris, (G) Melieria acuticornis, (H) Melieria cana, (I) Melieria crassipennis, (J) Melieria omissa, (K) Myennis octopunctata, (L) Myennis sibirica, (M) Otites centralis, (N) Otites formosa, (O) Otites lamed, (P) Pseudotephritis corticalis, (Q) Seioptera vibrans, and (R) Tetanops sintenisi. Homalocephala: (S) Homalocephala albitarsis, (T) Homalocephala angustata, (U) Homalocephala apicalis, and (V) Homalocephala biumbrata. Ulidiinae: (W) Physiphora alceae, (X) Physiphora clausa, (Y) Timia erythrocephala, (Z) Timia (Empyelocera) libani, (A1) Timia monticola, (A2) Timia protuberans, (A3) Ulidia megacephala, and (A4) Ulidia ruficeps.

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