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Table 3 Mann-Whitney test results

From: Pseudodiaptomus marinus Sato, 1913, a new invasive copepod in Lake Faro (Sicily): observations on the swimming behaviour and the sex-dependent responses to food

  Pvalue h
Males 5.889 × 10−6 1
Females 1.595 × 10−1 0
Ovigerous f. 7.52 × 10−2 0
  1. Mann-Whitney test comparing males, females and ovigerous females, in non-feeding versus feeding conditions. P represents the P value of the null hypothesis that data are samples from continuous distributions with equal medians, against the alternative that they are not. h = 1 indicates a rejection of the null hypothesis, and h = 0 indicates a failure to reject the null hypothesis at the 5% significance level.