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Figure 7

From: Taxonomic review of the Sphecapatodes ornata group (Diptera: Sarcophagidae: Miltogramminae), with description of one new species

Figure 7

Photographs of the male fore tarsi of Sphecapatodes spp., posterior view. (A) S. kaszabi, specimen from Xinjiang, China. (B) S. kaszabi, holotype from Mongolia. (C) S. ornata, syntype from Tunisia. (D) S. xuei sp. nov., holotype from Xinjiang, China. Scale bars, A and D = 0.25 mm; C = 0.25 mm. Arrows in (A) and (B) show variation in the diagnostic character of the fore tarsus of S. kaszabi (B reproduced through the courtesy of Mr. Zoltán Soltész).

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