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Table 1 Seasonal means for 2011

From: The effect of increase in the temperature on the foraging of Acromyrmex lobicornis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Season T med T max T min Ppm Ws (med) Ws (max) D. Dom
Autumn 14.18 28.20 1.58 30.90 7.03 55.13 NNW
Winter 10.00 22.50 −3.80 6.70 6.40 55.50 NNW
Spring 14.05 27.80 −2.75 18.80 7.15 58.75 NNW
  1. Values of mean, maximum, and minimum temperature (T med, T max, and T min) were measured in degrees Celsius, precipitation in millimeter, and wind speed (Ws) in kilometer per hour. D. Dom is the direction of the prevailing wind.