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Figure 8

From: Organization and evolution of a novel cervid satellite DNA with yeast CDEI-like repeats

Figure 8

Zoo blot hybridization of cervid and other mammalian DNA. A Southern blot of the Eco RI digested genomic DNA from different mammalian species was probed with 32P-labeled satVI-1C5 probe. The Indian muntjac (lane 1), Formosan muntjac (lane 2), sambar deer (lane 3), black-tailed deer (lane 5), bull (lane 7), and goat (lane 9), show a positive 1.5-kb hybridization band. Very faint cross-hybridization bands are observed in the caribou (lane 4) and boar (lane 8). DNA samples from Chinese water deer (lane 6), rat (lane 10), and man (lane 11) show no satellite VI cross-hybridization band. Size markers are shown on the left side of the blot.

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