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Figure 3

From: Organization and evolution of a novel cervid satellite DNA with yeast CDEI-like repeats

Figure 3

The monomeric consensus sequence of 11 different microclones. The sequence of 11 different microclones is organized in tandem repeats of 11-bp monomer units. The conserved frequency of each nucleotide of consensus sequence was indicated by the size of base and digits above each base. The first eight nucleotides of consensus sequence (underline) are identical with the functional CDEI element of the budding yeast centromere. The assigned number of each microclone was indicated in the left-hand side of the monomeric consensus sequence. 5E7 and 6C4 were the microclones with the identical nucleotide sequences and same size. The ratio of monomers, which contain the completely identical ATCACGTG sequence, was indicated in the bracket under the assigned number of a microclone. The size of insert and the total numbers of monomers for each microclone were also indicated in this bracket.

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