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Table 5 Comparison of coefficient of difference (CD) between A. latronum latronum and A. latronum lijiangensis , subsp. nov.

From: Geographic variation of the large-eared field mouse (Apodemus latronum Thomas, 1911) (Rodentia: Muridae) with one new subspecies description verified via cranial morphometric variables and pelage characteristics

Variables CD
GLS 1.40
CBL 1.27
BL 1.21
ONL 1.29
PL 1.21
DL 1.29
UTR 1.41
BAM 0.85
BZP 0.88
BOO 0.94
ZW 1.04
IB 0.54
BB 0.62
LLD 0.45
LTR 1.02
  1. Italicized values denote those four measurements greater than 1.28. The variable codes are given in the text and in FigureĀ 1.