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Figure 1

From: Geographic variation of the large-eared field mouse (Apodemus latronum Thomas, 1911) (Rodentia: Muridae) with one new subspecies description verified via cranial morphometric variables and pelage characteristics

Figure 1

Sketch map indicating 15 cranial measurements in the study. GLS, greatest length of skull; CBL, condylobasal length; BL, basal length; ONL, occipitonasal length; PL, palatal length; DL, diastema length; UTR, upper tooth row; BAM, breadth across molars; BZP, breadth of zygomatic plate; BOO, breadth of occipital condyles; ZW, zygomatic width; IB, interorbital breadth; BB, breadth of braincase; LLD, length of lower diastema; LTR, lower tooth row.

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