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Figure 4

From: Short-term effects of thermal stress on the responses of branchial protein quality control and osmoregulation in a reef-associated fish, Chromis viridis

Figure 4

Impact of changes in temperature on the responses of gill Na + /K + -ATPase (NKA) in blue-green damselfish ( Chromis viridis ). (A) Immunoblots of C. viridis gills probed with a monoclonal antibody (α5; DSHB) to NKA α-subunit. The immunoreactive bands of HT group were more intensive than NT group. (B) Relative abundance of immunoreactive bands of NKA α-subunit in the gills of different temperature groups (n = 5). Expression of NKA α-subunit was similar between NT and HT groups. (C) Specific activity of gill NKA in C. viridis in response to elevation of ambient temperature (n = 5). Downregulation of branchial NKA activity was found after hyperthermic exposure. The asterisk indicated a significant difference (P < 0.05) by unpaired t test. Values were mean ± SEM. M, marker; NT, normal temperature (26°C); HT, high temperature (32°C).

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