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Figure 2

From: The morphology, arrangement, and ultrastructure of a new type of microtrich sensilla in marine isopods (Crustacea, Isopoda)

Figure 2

Schematic drawings of the microtrich structures. (A) Excirolana sp., (B) Excirolana orientalis (the cuticular depressions are furnished with three to five knobs arranged in a semi-circular row; in both species, each microtrich has a short collar, elongate shaft, and a tuft of long filaments), (C) Lanocira sp. (with very short collar and shaft, long filaments), (D and E) Sphaeromopsis sarii (shallow flower-shaped cuticular depressions on mid-dorsal surface of pereonite 1; collar spool-shaped, large; shaft large with a tuft of a few long filaments); (F) Sphaeroma khalijfarsi (with short collar, long shaft and filaments); (G) Cymodoce sp. (with medium collar, very long shaft and filaments); CL, collar; SH, shaft; FL, filament; KB, knob.

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