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Table 4 Comparison of coral recruitment rates on settlement plates at high-latitude or marginal locations around the world

From: Coral recruitment of a subtropical coral community at Yenliao Bay, northern Taiwan

Region Latitude Material Recruitment rate (number m-2year-1) Location Source
North Pacific 32° N Slate 2 Amakusa, Japan Nozawa et al. (2006)
25° N Ceramic 106 Yenliao Bay, northern Taiwan This study
South Pacific 29-30° S Ceramic 132 Solitary Islands, Eastern Australia Harriott and Banks (1995)
26° S Ceramic 173 Gneering Shoals, Australia Banks and Harriott (1996)
Caribbean 10° N   3.8 Cubagua Island, Venezuela Rodrǐguez et al. (2009)
Red Sea 29° N Ceramic 18 Eilat, Israel Abelson et al. (2005)
29° N Ceramic 190 Eilat, Israel Glassom et al. (2004)
Indian Ocean 30° S Ceramic 1,007 Sodwana Bay, South Africa Glassom et al. (2006)
  1. Coral recruits were calculated following Glassom et al. (2004).