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Figure 6

From: Morphological and genetic evaluation of the hydrocoral Millepora species complex in the Caribbean

Figure 6

Caribbean-wide phylogeny of Millepora based on Bayesian analysis of COI haplotypes. Posterior probabilities over 50% are shown. Shapes represent morphotypes: red square, M. complanata; upside blue triangle, M. alcicornis branched morph; green downside triangle, M. alcicornis encrusted morph; circle, M. striata; diamond, haplotypes shared among M. alcicornis branched and M. alcicornis encrusted; black diamond, haplotypes shared among all the morphotypes. M. squarrosa and the hydrozoan Clytia elsaeoswaldae [GenBank:DQ064800] was used as the outgroup.

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