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Figure 5

From: Morphological and genetic evaluation of the hydrocoral Millepora species complex in the Caribbean

Figure 5

Parsimony haplotype network of the morphotypes based on COI sequences. Patterns represent morphotypes: red ovals, M. complanata; blue ovals, M. alcicornis branched morph; green ovals, M. alcicornis encrusted morph; black, M. striata; grey, M. squarrosa. Squares represent ancestral haplotypes. Size of the ovals and squares is proportional to the observed number of sequences corresponding to the haplotype. Small circles are non-sampled or extinct haplotypes. Dashed lines represent alternative connections among the haplotypes, suggesting the presence of homoplasy. Haplotype network I contains M. complanata, M. alcicornis branched morph, M. alcicornis encrusted morph, and M. striata, where A, B, and C are the main clusters. Haplotype network II is formed by M. squarrosa.

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