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Figure 3

From: Morphological and genetic evaluation of the hydrocoral Millepora species complex in the Caribbean

Figure 3

Discriminant function analysis canonical plot based on the morphological traits of the three Millepora morphotypes. Multivariate comparisons (fixed effects MANOVA) among morphotypes were significant (Wilk’s λ = 0.145, F = 7.79, p < 0.0001). Misclassified colonies = 6 (20%), are show in bold. Number 1 represent colonies of M. complanata (Mc), no. 2 are colonies of M. alcicornis branched (Mab), and no. 3 are colonies of M. alcicornis encrusted (Mae). Variables for comparison were as follows: D, dactylopore diameter; G, gastropore diameter; G-D, from gastropore to the nearest dactylopore; G-G, distances among gastropores; and D-D, distances among dactylopores. In canonical axes 1 and 2, distances among dactylopores and gastropores, and gastropore diameters were the variables with more weight in the discrimination.

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