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Figure 1

From: Morphological and genetic evaluation of the hydrocoral Millepora species complex in the Caribbean

Figure 1

The different described species of Millepora in the Caribbean. Typical M. alcicornis colony from Puerto Rico (A), and a different thicker ecomorph (or a potentially different taxon) common in Bermuda (B). A typical colony of M. complanata (C), and M. alcicornis (front) and M. complanata (back) coexisting in the same habitat in Curaçao (D). Medium size M. squarrosa in Puerto Rico (E), and the rare M. striata from Honduras (F). Several different ecomorphs of Millepora (some crustose aggressive colonizers of substrate) (G), and some killing and colonizing octocorals (H). (Photos by E. Weil)

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