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Table 1 Development times of Temnopleurus toreumaticus and T. reevesii at 24°C

From: Development of the sea urchins Temnopleurus toreumaticus Leske, 1778 and Temnopleurus reevesii Gray, 1855 (Camarodonta: Temnopleuridae)

Developmental stages Time after fertilizationa
T. toreumaticus T. reevesii
PMC ingression 10 h 9 h
Early gastrula stage 11 h 12 h
Prism stage 16 h 21 h
PPC formation 23 h 20 h
Initiation of CM formation 26 h 24.5 h
Two-armed pluteus stage 28 h 30 h
Four-armed pluteus stage 2 days 2 days
Six-armed pluteus stage 10 days 9 days
Adult rudiment formation 21 days 16 days
Eight-armed pluteus stage 25 days 26 days
Metamorphosis 31 days 33 days
  1. aWe defined each developmental stage as a stage observed in more than 80% of 50 specimens. After the six-armed pluteus stage, the values show the developmental time of more than 50% of the surviving specimens.