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Table 1 Details of the samples using in COI sequencing and accession numbers

From: Survey of the genus Stegana Meigen (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from Taiwan, with DNA barcodes and descriptions of three new species

Species Collection sites BOLD process ID GenBank accession numbers
S. (O.) convergens Okada,1971 Bahsienshan, Taichung, Taiwan BDORB005-13 KF642615
S. (O.) convergens Okada,1971 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB006-13 KF642616
S. (O.) convergens Okada,1971 Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORB007-13 KF642617
S. (O.) nigripennis Hendel,1914 Guanghua, Chiayi, Taiwan BDORB014-13 KF642624
S. (O.) nigripennis Hendel,1914 Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORB013-13 KF642623
S. (S.) taiwana Okada,1991 Wulu, Taitung, Taiwan BDORG014-13 KF670987
S. (S.) yangi sp. nov. Renai, Nantou, Taiwan BDORG005-13 KC861380
S. (S.) yangi sp. nov. Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORG006-13 KC861379
S. (Sti.) bacilla Chen and Aotsuka,2004 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB001-13 KF642611
S. (Sti.) chitouensis Sidorenko,1998 Shuili, Nantou, Taiwan BDORB002-13 KF642612
S. (Sti.) chitouensis Sidorenko,1998 Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORB003-13 KF642613
S. (Sti.) chitouensis Sidorenko,1998 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB004-13 KF642614
S. (Sti.) ornatipes Wheeler and Takada,1964 Mingchih, Ilan, Taiwan BDORB019-13 KF642628
S. (Sti.) ornatipes Wheeler and Takada,1964 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB021-13 KF642629
S. (Sti.) langufoliacea Wu, Gao and Chen,2010 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB011-13 KF642621
S. (Sti.) ctenaria Nishiharu,1979 Guanghua, Chiayi, Taiwan BDORB008-13 KF642618
S. (Sti.) ctenaria Nishiharu,1979 Guanshan, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB009-13 KF642619
S. (Sti.) euryphylla Chen and Chen,2009 Chipen, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB010-13 KF642620
S. (Sti.) melanostoma Chen and Chen,2009 Shuili, Nantou, Taiwan BDORB012-13 KF642622
S. (Sti.) nigrolimbata Duda,1924 Shuili, Nantou, Taiwan BDORB016-13 KF642625
S. (Sti.) nigrolimbata Duda,1924 Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORB017-13 KF642626
S. (Sti.) nigrolimbata Duda,1924 Guanghua, Chiayi, Taiwan BDORB018-13 KF642627
S. (Sti.) reni Wang, Gao and Chen, 2011 Chipen, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB022-13 KF642630
S. (Sti.) tongi Wang, Gao and Chen, 2011 Shuili, Nantou, Taiwan BDORB024-13 KF642632
S. (Sti.) xui Wang, Gao and Chen, 2011 Chipen, Taitung, Taiwan BDORB025-13 KF642633
S. (Sti.) jianqinae sp. nov. Wugongshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan BDORG018-13 KF670983
S. (Sti.) jianqinae sp. nov. Nonggang, Guangxi, China BDORG017-13 KF670984
S. (Sti.) wulai sp. nov. Wulai, Hsinpei, Taiwan BDORB023-13 KF642631
  1. O., subgenus Oxyphortica; S., Stegana; Sti., subgenus Steganina.