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Table 2 Mammal species recorded in the six areas surveyed in northern and southern sectors per municipality

From: Subsidies for a poorly known endemic semiarid biome of Brazil: non-volant mammals of an eastern region of Caatinga

Taxa Southern sector Northern sector
  Nossa Senhora da Glória Monte Alegre de Sergipe Porto da Folha Poço Redondo Canindé de São Francisco Paulo Afonso
  Didelphis albiventris X X X X X X
  Cryptonanus agricolai a   X X    
  Gracilinanus agilis a X X     X
  Monodelphis domestica a X      X
  Molossus molossus      X  
  Callithrix jacchus X X   X X X
  Cerdocyon thous X X X X X  
  Galictis cuja X      
  Procyon cancrivorus   X    X X
  Mazama sp.b      X  
  Rattus rattus c      X  
  Calomys expulsus a   X     
  Oligoryzomys stramineus      X X
  Wiedomys pyrrhorhinus X   X   X  
  Kerodon rupestris b     X X  
  Galea spixii X    X X X
  Thrichomys cf. laurentius a     X X X
Total 17 (100%) 8 (47) 7 (41) 4 (23.5) 6 (35.3) 13 (76.4) 8 (47)
Total per sector 11 (64.7) 15 (88.2)
  1. Values in brackets are the relative percentage to total species in the sampling areas. aNew records for the Sergipe state; bspecies recorded only during interviews, but with distribution known for the region; caloctone species.