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Figure 5

From: Subsidies for a poorly known endemic semiarid biome of Brazil: non-volant mammals of an eastern region of Caatinga

Figure 5

Small mammals species recorded in the region. (A) Cryptonanus agricolai ARB 832, from Porto da Folha. (B) Didelphis albiventris, in Monte Alegre de Sergipe/SE (Photo: courtesy of André Oliveira). (C) Gracilinanus agilis, ARB 804, Porto da Folha/SE. (D) Monodelphis domestica ARB 810, from Nossa Senhora da Glória. (E) Calomys expulsus ARB 831, from Monte Alegre de Sergipe. (F) Oligoryzomys stramineus ARB 791, from Canindé de São Francisco. (G) Wiedomys pyrrhorhinus ARB 788, from Canindé de São Francisco. (H) Thrichomys cf. laurentius ARB 799, from Canindé de São Francisco. (I) Galea spixii, individual along a road in Nossa Senhora da Glória. (J) Molossus molossus ARB 826, from Canindé de São Francisco.

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