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Figure 1

From: Subsidies for a poorly known endemic semiarid biome of Brazil: non-volant mammals of an eastern region of Caatinga

Figure 1

Map of the surveyed localities. Southern sector: 1. A and A I, Nossa Senhora da Glória; 2. A II, Nossa Senhora da Glória; 3. B and B I, Monte Alegre de Sergipe; 4. B II, Monte Alegre de Sergipe; 5. C and C I, Porto da Folha; 6. C II, Porto da Folha, Sergipe state. Northern sector: 7. D, Poço Redondo; 8. D I, Canindé de São Francisco; 9. D II, Canindé de São Francisco; 10. E I, Canindé de São Francisco; 11. E II, Canindé de São Francisco (in dry season); 12. E II, Canindé de São Francisco (in rainy season); 13. E, Canindé de São Francisco, Sergipe state; 14. F and F I, Paulo Afonso; 15. F II, Paulo Afonso, Bahia state. AL, Alagoas state; BA, Bahia state; SE, Sergipe state.

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