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Figure 3

From: The genus Cneorane Baly, 1865 from Taiwan (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae), with notes on sexual dimorphism and its life history

Figure 3

Field observations. (16) Desmodium sequax Wall., the host plant for Cneorane elegans and C. rugulipennis; (17) young larva of C. elegans feeding on beans inside pods of D. sequax; (18) Hylodesmum podocarpum subsp. oxyphyllum Ohashi & Mill, the host plant for C. violaceipennis; (19) a female of C. violaceipennis feeding on flowers of H. podocarpum subsp. oxyphyllum; (20) a pupa of C. elegans; (21) adult of C. elegans feeding on leaves of D. sequax; (22) D. sequax blooming during autumn; (23) beans desiccated 1 month after blooming.

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