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Figure 2

From: Feeding spectra of bivalve mollusks Unio and Dreissena from Kanevskoe Reservoir, Ukraine: are they food competitors or not?

Figure 2

Canonical correspondence analysis of FA compositions of the mollusks, seston, and sediments from Kanevskoe Reservoir. Canonical correspondence analysis of the fatty acid (FA) composition (% of total FAs) of Unio tumidus, Dreissena polymorpha, D. bugensis, seston, and sediments from Kanevskoe Reservoir. Dimension 1 (D1) and dimension 2 (D2) represent 63.5% and 16.6% of the inertia, respectively. Squares, seston; diamonds, sediments; crosses, D. polymorpha; five-pointed star, U. tumidus; six-pointed star, D. bugensis.

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