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Table 1 List of taxa and the DNA sequences of which were included in the phylogenetic analyses

From: The phylogenetic position of the enigmatic Atlantic forest-endemic spiny mouse Abrawayaomys (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae)

Tribe Species IRBP Cyt b
Abrotrichini Abrothrix longipilis AY163577 U03530
Abrotrichini Chelemys macronyx AY277441 U03533
Abrotrichini Geoxus valdivianus AY277448 AY275116
Abrotrichini Notiomys edwardsii AY163602 U03537
Abrotrichini Pearsonomys annectens AY851749 AF108672
Akodontini ‘Akodon’ serrensis EF626799 AY273908
Akodontini Akodon azarae AY163578 DQ444328
Akodontini Bibimys chacoensis/labiosus AY277435 DQ444329
Akodontini Blarinomys breviceps AY277437 AY275112
Akodontini Brucepattersonius soricinus AY277439 AY277486
Akodontini Deltamys kempi AY277444 AY195862
Akodontini Juscelinomys huanchacae AY277453 AF133667
Akodontini Kunsia tomentosus AY277455 AY275120
Akodontini Lenoxus apicalis AY277456 U03541
Akodontini Necromys lasiurus AY277459 AY273912
Akodontini Oxymycterus nasutus AY277468 EF661854
Akodontini Scapteromys tumidus AY163637 AY275133
Akodontini Thalpomys cerradensis AY277481 AY273916
Akodontini Thaptomys nigrita AY277482 AF108666
Ichthyomyini Rheomys raptor AY163635 -
Incertae sedis Abrawayaomys ruschii JX949185 JX949189
Incertae sedis Andinomys edax JQ434400 AF159284
Incertae sedis Chinchillula sahamae JQ434409 JQ434422
Incertae sedis Delomys sublineatus AY163582 AF108687
Incertae sedis Euneomys chinchilloides AY277446 AY275115
Incertae sedis Irenomys tarsalis AY163587 U03534
Incertae sedis Juliomys pictipes AY163588 AF108688
Incertae sedis Neomicroxus latebricola QCAZ4160 QCAZ4160
Incertae sedis Neotomys ebriosus HM061605 HM061604
Incertae sedis Punomys kofordi JQ434414 JQ434426
Oryzomyini Aegialomys xanthaeolus GQ178247 EU579479
Oryzomyini Amphinectomys savamis AY163579 EU579480
Oryzomyini Cerradomys scotti EU649040 EU579482
Oryzomyini Drymoreomys albimaculatus EU649042 EU579487
Oryzomyini Eremoryzomys polius AY163624 EU579483
Oryzomyini Euryoryzomys macconnelli AY163620 EU579484
Oryzomyini Handleyomys intectus AY163584 EU579490
Oryzomyini Holochilus brasiliensis AY163585 EU579496
Oryzomyini Hylaeamys megacephalus AY163621 EU579499
Oryzomyini Lundomys molitor AY163589 EU579501
Oryzomyini Melanomys caliginosus EU649052 EU340020
Oryzomyini Microakodontomys transitorius EU649054 -
Oryzomyini Microryzomys minutus AY163592 AF108698
Oryzomyini Neacomys spinosus AY163597 EU579504
Oryzomyini Nectomys squamipes AY163598 EU340012
Oryzomyini Nephelomys albigularis EU649057 EU579505
Oryzomyini Nesoryzomys fernandinae EU649058 EU579506
Oryzomyini Oecomys bicolor AY163604 EU579509
Oryzomyini Oligoryzomys fulvescens AY163611 DQ227457
Oryzomyini Oreoryzomys balneator AY163617 EU579510
Oryzomyini Oryzomys palustris AY163623 EU074639
Oryzomyini Pseudoryzomys simplex AY163633 EU579517
Oryzomyini Scolomys ucayalensis AY163638 EU579518
Oryzomyini Sigmodontomys alfari AY163641 EU340016
Oryzomyini Sooretamys angouya AY163616 EU579511
Oryzomyini Tanyuromys aphrastus JF693878 JF693877
Oryzomyini Transandinomys talamancae AY163627 EU579514
Oryzomyini Zygodontomys brevicauda AY163645 EU579521
Phyllotini Andalgalomys pearsoni EU649038 AF159285
Phyllotini Auliscomys pictus AY277434 JQ434420
Phyllotini Calomys lepidus AY163580 EU579473
Phyllotini Eligmodontia typus AY277445 AF108692
Phyllotini Galenomys garleppi JQ434410 JQ434423
Phyllotini Graomys griseoflavus EU649037 EU579472
Phyllotini Loxodontomys micropus AY277457 AY275122
Phyllotini Phyllotis xanthopygus AY163632 AY275128
Phyllotini Salinomys delicatus JQ434415 EU377608
Phyllotini Tapecomys primus JQ434416 AF159287
Phyllotini Phyllotini n. gen. JQ434417 JQ434425
Reithrodontini Reithrodon auritus AY163634 EU579474
Sigmodontini Sigmodon alstoni EU635698 AF293397
Thomasomyini Aepeomys lugens DQ003722 -
Thomasomyini Chilomys instans - AF108679
Thomasomyini Rhagomys longilingua/rufescens DQ003723 AY206770
Thomasomyini Rhipidomys macconnelli AY277474 AY275130
Thomasomyini Thomasomys aureus AY277483 U03540
Wiedomyini Wiedomys pyrrhorhinos AY163644 EU579477
Outgroup Arvicola terrestris AY277407 AY275106
Cricetus cricetus AY277410 AY275109
Microtus socialis FM162055 AY513830
Neotoma albigula AY277411 AF108704
Nyctomys sumichrasti AY163603 AY195801
Phodopus sungorus AY163631 JN015007
Scotinomys xerampelinus AY277416 AF108706
Tylomys nudicaudus AY163643 DQ179812
  1. Sequences of the genera Bibimys and Rhagomys of each gene were gathered from different species. GenBank accession numbers for each gene (IRBP and Cyt b) are indicated in the last two columns. Tribal assignations follow D'Elía et al. 2007 (see also D'Elía and Pardiñas 2007) and results of the present study.