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Figure 2

From: Nest site selection by the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius: is safety more important than food?

Figure 2

Comparison of some vegetation parameters in different nest site categories of Muscardinus avellanarius . (A) Cover of hazel shrubs taller than 4 m, (B) number of bird cherry trees, (C) number of young birch trees, (D) density of young trees, (E) connectivity of the nestbox tree with its surroundings, (F) number of woody plant species in the understory. 1, nest site avoided for resting; 2, nest site occasionally used for resting; 3, nest site preferred for resting; 4, nest site used for breeding once; 5, nest site preferred for breeding. *The number of trees and shrubs which had a crown or a trunk connected to the crown of the nestbox tree.

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